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Elderly Asian Woman Stabbing Triggers Blame Game Between DA Boudin, SF Police Officers Association

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- North Beach resident Iryna Gorb has been collecting surveillance videos of burglaries since last year, before and after San Francisco police arrested Daniel Cauich in connection to multiple burglaries in her neighborhood last fall.

UPDATE: San Francisco DA Boudin Confirms Charges Against Suspect in Stabbing of Elderly Asian Woman

"He caught our attention and we looked at him and right away recognized him," said Gorb.

She says she spotted Cauich several times after his arrest.

"It was anger, surprise and disbelief," Gorb said.

The 35-year-old Caiuch now faces attempted murder charges among other charges in the stabbing of 94-year old Ahn "Peng" Taylor near Post and Leavenworth in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Cauich has been in and out of jail for years.

"We asked the court to detain him. It was our view and our written motion to the court that he should be detained and did not think he was safe to be released. We made that argument to the court," said San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

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But a judge granted Cauich's release anyway in connection to the most recent burglary charge against him in May 2021.

So far, the DA's office has secured three felony convictions against Cauich, who served 100 days in jail after pleading guilty to several felony 2nd degree burglary charges earlier this year.

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The San Francisco Police Officers Association quickly escalated its war of words with DA Boudin.

Neighbors of the stabbing victim are frustrated.

"It's amazing to see the history of felonies he has and he was allowed to be outside," said Taylor's neighbor Francesco Benvenuti.

Mayor London Breed confirms she and Boudin have spoken about the specifics of this case.

"It's up to the DA's office to move it to the next level. It's up to the courts and the DA to develop the evidence and courts to make the decision and my hope is they do the right thing this time," Breed said.

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Cauich at the time of the stabbing incident on Wednesday had been on an ankle monitor program. San Francisco police say that the monitor was found not too far from where Cauich was arrested.

A knife believed to be the weapon in the stabbing has also been found, according to sources at SFPD.

Cauich is scheduled to appear for arraignment in court Friday.

Friends of the victim say Taylor is in stable condition.

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