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Eco-Friendly Shower Heads From San Francisco Startup Claim 70 Percent Water Savings; Apple CEO Invests

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Apple CEO Tim Cook is among the first investors in a company producing water saving shower heads.

Nebia invites investors to take a shower using their prototype eco-friendly head, the New York Times reported.

San Francisco-based Nebia claims its shower heads reduce water consumption by as much as 70-percent by using nozzles to break water into smaller droplets, creating a mist that can cover more surface area than a standard shower stream.

Michael Birch, one of the founders of the private San Francisco club The Battery has also funded the startup.

Buzzfeed News Reporter Brendan Klinkenberg tried the shower head out at The Battery, where he described it as "stepping under the nozzle that mists vegetables at the grocery store."  After ten seconds, Klinkenberg says he got the hang of it, and reported that "It was good! I think. It was weird. It was definitely a shower."

You can help back Nebia if you want.  The company has a Kickstarter campaign that's helped them raise more than $620,000.

The shower head can be seen in action in this YouTube video below.

Nebia Kickstarter Video by Nebia on YouTube

By Gregg Rosenblum - Follow him on Twitter

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