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East Bay Sports Bar Preps For COVID-Controlled Super Bowl Watch Party

NEWARK (KPIX 5) -- This upcoming Super Bowl Sunday is going to be one of the most unusual Super Bowl Sundays in the history of the NFL. So what does an enthusiastic football fan do to stay safe during the pandemic?

O'Sullivan's Sports Bar in Newark is one of the largest sports bar restaurants in the East Bay. With warm weather and stay-at-home orders lifted, owner James Skinner expects good business. He also expects folks to obey the rules.

"As soon as you enter, we have signs that go over two of our main things," said Skinner. "One of our first things is to maintain social distancing, the six-foot rule. We have hand sanitizing stations, free standing stations as you enter and hand sanitizer at each table."

Lisa Dapelo has worked at O'Sullivan's for 12 years. She says she has no idea what to expect this Sunday, but staff is instructed to take the rules seriously and enforce them.

"We just want to stay open!" said Dapelo "So, unfortunately, if you don't want to, you know, go with our protocols, then you're welcome to go home."

"When people are, you know, had a few drinks, they're projecting their voices, they're having, uh, you know, eating those chicken wings? That is a recipe for spreading COVID," said California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.

O'Sullivan's customers say they see the precautions and feel perfectly safe. "I feel safe. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here," said customer Danielle Demandel.

Customer Dean Hayatt from Brighton, England said he's looking forward to plenty of action on Super Bowl Sunday.

"There are some great games! Manchester, Liverpool, Chelsea, Sheffield United!" he said.

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