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East Bay Regional Park District issues coyote advisory as temperatures warm up

PIX Now morning edition - 5/22/24
PIX Now morning edition - 5/22/24 09:52

It's that time of the year when, as humans get out into parks and wild areas, they encounter more coyotes.

East Bay Regional Park District issued a coyote advisory Tuesday, reminding people that coyote parents are active and protective of den sites from spring through fall, when new pups are born. 

The district said it's normal for coyotes to run away from humans, though some have become used to human presence and will continue their activities while being watched. 

Park visitors are encouraged to keep coyote safety precautions in mind.

The district said people should avoid hiking alone so they can have help in case of emergency. Adults are reminded to keep their children and pets close, with dogs on leashes. Visitors are advised to walk, jog, or ride and stay on trails.

Feeding coyotes is inadvisable. If a coyote is sighted, the public is advised not to approach or engage with the animal but to walk away calmly and leave the area quickly, avoiding running.

If approached by a coyote, encourage it to move away to help it retain a natural fear of humans. Park visitors should act as big and loud as possible; shout in a deep, loud, and aggressive voice, and wave their arms. Maintaining eye contact is important, which park officials say can make coyotes uncomfortable and timid.

If the coyote continues to approach, visitors should not run or turn their backs on it but continue to exaggerate the above gestures while backing away slowly.

The district asks people to help protect all wildlife and their environment. Never feed, approach, or pet wild animals. For emergencies, contact 911 or the East Bay Regional Park District Public Safety line (510) 881-1833, 24 hours a day.

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