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East Bay MUD Ahead Of The Game In Water-Saving Strategies As New Conservation Rules Take Effect

OAKLAND (KCBS)— The new state-mandated water conservation rules are now in effect as of June 1st, but the customers of one of the Bay Area's largest water agencies have already been cutting back.

The state wants water use to be cut by 25 percent. East Bay Municipal Utilities District is among the agencies in the Bay Area that have already implemented water-saving strategies.

East Bay MUD spokesperson Nelsy Rodriguez said residents can only water their landscapes twice a week.

"All your outdoor water uses should have controls on them. Your hose should have a water control. No using your hose for washing down your driveway, sidewalks. Anything you can use a broom for, you should," she said.

Rodriguez said there's even a rebate plan.

"We have a 50 cent on the square-foot rebate for removing your lawn and putting something that's less dependent on water."

The state now allows local water agencies to fine property owners up to $500 a day if they violate conservation rules.

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