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DUI Driver Allegedly Causes 450-Acre Fire Near Town Of San Andreas

KCBS_740 SAN ANDREAS (KCBS) -- A woman allegedly driving on the metal rim of her car's wheel sparked a 450-acre wildfire just east of the town of San Andreas that threatened homes, and forced evacuations in the area.

Despite cooler temperatures and calm winds, the Willow fire blew up to hundreds of acres just within the first few hours after it started.

Cal Fire's Daniel Berlant says that the drought has dried everything out so much that it doesn't take traditional fire weather conditions for a blaze to get out of control quickly.

"As temperatures across the Bay, and across California continue to be mild this week, we're continuing to stress, and to urge everyone to take caution. Just because our temperatures are down, doesn't mean our fire danger is down as well," Berlant said.

The LA Times reported that the woman was so intoxicated that she didn't realize a flat tire on her 2002 Kia had worn down to the rim, and was shooting sparks.

Hundreds of firefighters are attacking the wildfire from the ground and from the air.

The fire was 30-percent contained as of Monday morning.



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