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Dublin Student Confimed Sick With Norovirus, Dozens More Are Home Sick

DUBLIN (KPIX) -- Dozens of East Bay elementary school students are home sick. The possible cause: Norovirus.

There is one case of Norovirus confirmed, according to the school district and the county health department. But many other kids have called in sick.

Students at Dublin Elementary School started getting symptoms on Friday. The district says it immediately began sending home notices which advised parents to keep their children out of school if they have flu-like symptoms.

The school principal says 35 children called out sick on Tuesday.

Dublin Elementary School Principal Lauren McGovern said, "We have about three dozen students who are out right now with the virus...They have vomiting and diarrhea ... those are mainly the symptoms we've been tracking. Some students also have a fever and we do have one student who does have the Norovirus at this time."

The school has been performing a deep cleaning of the campus over the last few days. The hope now is that they can keep it from spreading.

The Norovirus is often the type of food poisoning that happens on cruise ships.

According to the CDC, it is highly contagious. Norovirus is often passed along by food service workers who haven't adequately washed their hands.

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