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Dublin Residents Question Timing Of Building New $35 Million Water Park

DUBLIN (KPIX 5) – Amid California's record drought, the City of Dublin is breaking ground on a massive new water park. Residents are wondering about the timing of the project.

At Dublin's Emerald Glen Park the grass gets recycled water, the kid's spray jets have been shut off and the large fountain is dry as a bone, all to save water. So it's a little surprising to learn they're about to build a $35 million water park.

"You can never predict a drought," Dublin parks director Paul McCreary told KPIX 5.

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The city's parks director said the recreation and aquatic center will include indoor and outdoor pools and water slides. It's been planned for 10 years now but got postponed when the economy tanked in 2007.

"At this point we're moving forward with construction. Again, there's more to the project than just the pools," McCreary said.

Phil Duncan, who lives near the park, "Hey, time out, this is not the right project at the right time."

While he doesn't want the project there at all, Duncan said it really doesn't make sense to build it when there's so little water available.

"Obviously this has been in the works for some time. But the reality is we're in the midst of a historic drought and you cannot go forward with something like this, in these conditions, in good conscience," Duncan said.

Even kids, who will enjoy the park the most, have questions about the timing. "Kind of weird, it's a drought. Why are they gonna use all that water for a water park?" said Evan Rusconi.

But the city said they have signed contracts to begin construction this week, with completion coming in 2017, drought or no drought.

"When we finish the project and it's still in a drought and we can't fill the pools, we'll address it at that point in time. But we are moving forward with the project as planned," McCreary said.

Right now, Dublin's water restrictions forbid the filling of any empty swimming pools. The city is hoping the weather will change by the time they open their new water park in two years.

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