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Drought Making Bay Area Spring Extra Tough For Allergy Sufferers

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- It's tough for allergy sufferers to appreciate the beauty of spring, and doctors say the drought California is facing is making it even tougher for them in the Bay Area.

The lack of rain means the air is dirty, in terms of pollen.

"I would call it a pollen perfect storm. We've had some rain, but not a lot of rain. So, there's enough to get the plants started, but usually with all the storms we'd normally get the air would be cleansed. But, we've just had pollen, pollen, pollen," said Dr. Robert Torrano of Allergy & Asthma Associates of Northern California.

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Over the next six weeks, doctors are expecting more miserable patients, as the Bay Area's hills change from green to brown.  That's when grass pollen starts, and it's California's number one allergen.



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