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Drones Can Be Hacked, Hijacked From A Mile Away

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A researcher revealed at a San Francisco cybersecurity conference this week how drones can be vulnerable to hijacking by hackers.

According to Wired, cybersecurity researcher Nils Rodday found flaws in a drone used by law enforcement that could let him send commands from more than a mile away.

With a laptop and a radio chip, Rodday found he could break into the wireless communications between the pilot and drone he used for the test. He was then able to send his own messages to the drone, allowing him to take over.

"Everything the original operator can do, you can do as well," Rodday told the magazine.

The drone's manufacturer provided him with the device to test. While he declined to reveal the manufacturer, other drones use communication chips similar to those in the test drone.

Rodday revealed his findings at the RSA conference on Wednesday.

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