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Drivers Block Traffic On I-880 In Oakland To Perform Sideshow Stunts

OAKLAND (CBS SF) - The California Highway Patrol is investigating online videos which show drivers performing sideshow stunts on Interstate 880 near Coliseum in Oakland during the middle of the day.

The videos, posted both on Facebook and on YouTube over the weekend, shows a number of cars skidding and doing donuts across all lanes, blocking northbound traffic completely and slowing down southbound traffic as rubberneckers observed the incident.

The incident occurred around 4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon, according to the CHP.

CHP Looks For Drivers Doing Donuts On Busy Oakland Freeway

According to Jalopnik, a Facebook user named Crick Filippi posted one video to Facebook that,  "shows some Mustangs, a Camaro and 240SX doing some spins on the highway."  The video has since been removed from Facebook.

In a YouTube video posted by "iitreatedii", cars are seens spinning around on the the freeway for more than a minute before someone is heard announcing that police are on the way, prompting the drivers to flee.

In the videos a number of bystanders were seen recording the sideshow with their cellphone cameras.

A CHP spokeswoman said investigators were trying to contact witnesses and that the process to determine who was involved would likely take some time.

"That is not okay to put people's lives in danger like that," said Sgt. Dianna McDermott of the CHP said.

"It's senseless, absolutely.  We as a community need to address the issue.  Family, parents, everybody needs to get involved. You need to speak out. You need to tell these people that it's not okay," she said.

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