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Driverless Cars Attacked On San Francisco Streets

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — One problem with self-driving cars is people.

The Los Angeles Times reports that of six crash reports filed in California so far this year, two involved a person attacking a robot car on San Francisco streets.

According to Department of Motor Vehicles records, on Jan. 2 a vehicle operated by General Motors' Cruise driverless car division was waiting at a green light for pedestrians to cross at 16th and Valencia in the Mission District when a shouting man ran across the street against the do-not-walk signal and struck its bumper and hatch, damaging a taillight.

No one was injured and police were not called, the report said. The car was in autonomous mode but a driver was behind the wheel.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a GM Cruise Bolt EV with a human driving the car was stopped behind a taxi on Duboce Ave. on Jan. 28th. The taxi driver exited his vehicle, approached the Bolt and slapped the front passenger window, causing a scratch.

Again, there were no injuries and police were not called.

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