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SF Dealership In Lamborghini Heist May Have History Of Stolen Cars

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) -- A yellow Lamborghini belonging to a celebrity chef that was stolen early Tuesday may just be the latest vehicle taken from a San Francisco car dealership.

The most recent theft is believed to have occurred sometime between 3:40 a.m. and 5:15 a.m. Tuesday at the British Motor Car: Land Rover, Jaguar, Lotus, Lamborghini, Bentley car dealership in the 900 block of Van Ness Avenue. The car, which belongs to celebrity chef Guy Fieri, has since been spotted on surveillance cameras in Marin County.

On Thursday, a CBS San Francisco commenter posted that his vehicle had been stolen from the same shop in 2005. John Marx told CBS 5 that his green Jaguar was taken off the lot in the middle of the day, likely because the keys were left in the vehicle at the dealership.

"This guys is really brazen, because he just walked right up through the facility, got into my car and drove it right out the front door," said Marx, who returned to the dealership after his car was recovered, dented. "I was talking to the mechanic when the repair was finished, and he had said 'well, you know what, a guy came and stole a yellow Lamborghini from the roof.' (It was) the same thing, because they hadn't changed their policy on the keys. This was a couple weeks later."

If Marx's account is true, that would make Fieri's car the second yellow Lamborghini stolen from the dealership.

Tuesday's robbery involved rappelling equipment, as the robber broke in through a second story window before driving the car out of the dealership.

San Francisco police say a car like Fieri's has been spotted in surveillance video crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, and driving into and out of Tiburon.

"It sort of sounds like the same guy is just toying with everybody," said Marx. "He seems to have the luxury of time and a carefree attitude about it."

The San Francisco Police Department said their records are not searchable by "Stolen Yellow Lamborghini" so they could not confirm the first Lamborghini theft.

No one was ever arrested for stealing Marx's car.

Employees at the dealership were not willing to talk Thursday.

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