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Dozens Of Cars Broken Into At Fremont Apartment Complex Parking Lot

FREMONT (KPIX 5) -- It is one thing to be productive on a holiday and clean out your car. It is quite another when the task is forced upon you.

More than 30 people woke up to shattered glass outside their car at Fremont's Mission Peak Apartments Monday morning after someone or several someones rampaged through the parking lot overnight.

"I saw my car and I was, like, that looks like my window is down. I was, like, no way did my car get broken into," said Katie Kongsuphone. "The closer I got, it definitely felt like a pit in my stomach, like, oh God, this is another thing I have to pay for."

The scene was the same all over the lot off Stevenson Boulevard, just across the street from Fremont police headquarters.

Smashed glass, personal items once stowed in the car, were now a pile of debris on the pavement.

Senthin Palamisamy awoke to a knock on the door from Fremont officers and then walked outside.

"I did not quite understand the intensity of the event until I reached here and saw straight up 30 cars," he told KPIX 5.

He lost a few hundred dollars in gadgets from his car, including a fitness watch.

By mid-afternoon, auto glass replacement trucks had started to fill the parking lot.

"It just kind of makes me a little anxious about what the city, what this neighborhood is going to be now," said Kongsuphone.

There are no surveillance cameras in the area to reveal who might've been behind this spree.

Fremont police said its detectives were investigating.

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