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Don't Pokemon And Drive, Highway Signs Warn

(CBS SF) – With the Pokemon Go video game craze entering its second week, highway officials in Arizona have warned motorists not to play the game while driving.

The Arizona Department of Transportation is displaying messages on highways all over the Grand Canyon State which read:


"Distracted driving takes many forms, even looking for Pokémon," agency director John Halikowski said in a press release Wednesday. "Although we hope you catch 'em all, if you're not focused on driving with your eyes on the road, you're at a higher risk of injuring or killing yourself and others in a crash. No Pokémon is worth that."

Since the game was released last Wednesday, at least one car accident resulting from Pokemon Go has already occurred. According to the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper, a 28-year-old man driving his brother's car slammed into a tree while playing the game.

The man suffered injuries to his leg and elbow, but is out of the hospital. Meanwhile, the vehicle was totaled in the crash.

Arizona's warning to drivers echoes numerous tweets sent out by Caltrans warning against Pokemon-related distracted driving.

The augmented reality game, in which players search for Pokemon in real world locations, has already led to people being injured as they search for the so-called "pocket monsters." Several players, including at least one in San Francisco, have been the victim of robberies.

Pokemon Go is developed by San Francisco-based Niantic, which also created the Ingress augmented reality game.

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