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Doctor On Demand Is Providing Video Based Therapy In San Francisco

A San Francisco-based startup is changing the way consumers can seek medical advice from a doctor. Co-founded by CEO Adam Jackson, television personality Dr. Phil McGraw and his son Jay, Doctor On Demand allows consumers to see a board-certified doctor, psychologist or other provider via video chat. One clinical psychologist on the staff of this newly launched service is Sunita Mehta, who earned her Ph.D at Alliant International University in San Francisco.

(Photo Courtesy of Sunita Mehta)

What is your background and education?

"I'm a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in San Francisco. I did my undergraduate degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting and marketing. But after working in accounting for a few years, I made a career change and went back to school to become a psychologist. I attended Alliant International University in San Francisco, where I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology."

What type of psychology services does Doctor on Demand offer?

"Doctor On Demand has created a national behavioral health practice. With a team of 300 board-certified psychologists in all 50 states (and D.C.) providing video psychology visits, it's now easier and more cost-effective than ever before for Americans to receive treatment. With Doctor On Demand, consumers can see a doctorate-level psychologist at a time that's convenient for them, from the comfort of their home, for roughly half the average cost of an in-office visit. Sessions will be $50 for a 25 minute session and $95 for a 50 minute session."

What career advice can you share with psychology students?

"Find a mentor who will help guide you through the different stages of training and building a career in psychology. Get involved in volunteer work or peer counseling to start; this will help you see if its something you want to pursue. Psychology is a broad field; you don't have to know exactly where you want to specialize. As a student, be open to training at a variety of settings and building a wider set of skills. Make time for your own self-development and healing; students who are self-aware and work on improving themselves make the best psychologists! Although it's hard work, it's very rewarding work if you have a true passion for it and an interest in helping others heal."

Randy Yagi is a freelance writer covering all things San Francisco. In 2012, he was awarded a Media Fellowship from Stanford University. His work can be found on

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