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Design Forum Held To Give San Francisco's Most Dilapidated Playgrounds A Makeover

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— San Francisco is poised to spend millions of dollars to improve some of the city's most dilapidated playgrounds and planners are getting public input on how they should move forward.

The non-profit San Francisco Parks Alliance and the city's Recreation and Parks Department co-hosted a playground community design forum last weekend in hopes of giving the run-down parks a makeover.

"Because of voter support of the 2012 park bond, we have an unprecedented amount of funding to invest in our public playgrounds. We have nearly $15.5 million to renovate some of the worst playgrounds all around the city," said Rec and Park head Phil Ginsburg.

Cody Goldberg with the non-profit group Harper's Playground says accessibility is becoming a big focus.

"There's a revolution in playground design that's happening that's really important to include the public in the conversation about and also educate the public about the need to make play spaces that really work for everybody," Goldberg said.

13 playgrounds in a variety of neighborhoods have been targeted for upgrades.

Some of those sites are in San Francisco's neediest neighborhoods.

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