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Department Of Justice Report Takes Aim At SFPD Tactics

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- Despite what protesters think, the Department of Justice thinks San Francisco police are doing pretty well.

Those protesters say they have no faith they will get fair treatment from San Francisco police if they are people of color.

"I've already made my will out. I've already made my will out, and whenever I see a cop I grab my camera," one protester said.

Among the items investigators for the Blue Ribbon Commission are expected to tell the panel Monday night is that the department has no official stop and frisk policy but seems to do it anyway. And when officers do, it tends to be people of color like Tony Robles.

Read the full report here.

"The condescending way I was spoken to, and the presumption that I was doing something wrong, perhaps in an area that I should not have been in, was highly insulting," Robles said.

The report also says SFPD doesn't supply enough data for investigators to study. Public Defender Jeff Adachi says every time cops stop someone, "They have to fill out a form. And so one of the problems that is pointed out in this report is that they are not keeping good data. And as a result, we're not able to get a good picture."

Gary Delagnes speaks for the San Francisco Police Officers' Association, and had nothing good to say about the findings.

"We're already 400 cops short," Delagnes said. "So if we're going to have cops sit down and file reports anytime they expect wrong doing, or when they stop someone, you're going to have a lot less cops on the street, and you're going to have a lot longer response time."

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