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Lawyers For Vallejo Woman, Boyfriend Claim Kidnapping Happened, Slam Police For Calling It A Hoax

VALLEJO (CBS SF) -- Attorneys representing a Vallejo woman who was allegedly kidnapped for ransom and her boyfriend disputed claims Thursday from police that the whole ordeal was a hoax.

On Wednesday evening, the Vallejo Police Department said that there appeared to be no evidence that 30-year-old Denise Huskins was kidnapped from a Vallejo home Monday morning.

"She's victimized initially by being kidnapped and then a second time by alleged being a suspect by Vallejo Police, who issued a very nasty press release yesterday evening in which they very quickly threw her under the bus," said attorney Doug Rappaport, who represents Huskins. "This is a legitimate crime."

When asked about the police department's claims, Rappaport said, "I can say that they are absolutely wrong. A lot of people said the world was flat as well."

Huskins was reportedly in Vallejo on Thursday and met with police for hours. Her attorney said this is cooperating and that police seem to be taking her seriously.

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, attorney Daniel Russo, who represents Huskins' boyfriend Aaron Quinn, also accused police of bungling the kidnapping investigation.

Russo said Quinn has been more than cooperative with investigators.

"He provided fingerprints, clothes, computer access," he told reporters. "In other words, he gave up every password to every device he had so they could see his account of what occurred was accurate."

VIDEO: Quinn's Attorney Speaks To Reporters

Police had been looking for Huskins since she was reportedly abducted from her Vallejo apartment on the 500 block of Kirkland Avenue sometime early Monday, and held for ransom. She was found safe in Huntington Beach on Wednesday.

The Vallejo Police Department released a statement Wednesday night indicating that there was no evidence to support the claim that Denise Huskins was kidnapped, and that it was likely an orchestrated event.

"It is unfair to speculate that this is a hoax," Russo said. "We have not seen evidence that this is a hoax."

After 17 hours of questioning, Russo said Quinn refused to go home and was sleeping on the attorney's couch so he could be there for the police department if they needed him.

Russo said he also wanted to confirm to the police department that he was bound up an drugged by the kidnapper, so he voluntarily gave a blood test.

If the evidence indicates that either Huskins or her boyfriend had committed a criminal act, police said they will request criminal charges be filed.

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