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Demonstrations in Bay Area Mark Jan. 6 With Call to Strengthen Voting Rights

WALNUT CREEK (KPIX) -- In the Bay Area, people gathered in several cities at vigils commemorating the anniversary of a violent attack on our nation's Capitol that took place Jan. 6, 2021.

From a lively vigil in Walnut Creek to a march around the federal building in San Francisco, demonstrators gathered to denounce what happened a year ago. They're concerned that America hasn't learned its lesson.

"It doesn't feel like a year has passed. I remember that day so vividly," Jamie Salcido with Indivisible ReSisters said.

These protesters fear for the future of American democracy unless legislation to protect voting rights is enacted.

"Our country is in a place that I never thought it would be," said Irma Serna from Benicia. "Everything we took for granted is in crisis right now."

"I think we're at a very important inflection point and we can either decide to strengthen who we are -- what our democracy stands for -- or we can see it go a wrong direction," said Jamie Salcido.

"As a Latino, again we never thought that our rights in this country will start to decay. It's at the point where people need to take it seriously because democracy may not always be here," said Daniel Serna.

The goal of the vigil was to send a message of hope that voters will continue to decide the outcome of elections in the United Sates.

"We strengthen our democracy, we protect the right to vote and we stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves," Salcido said.

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