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Dem. Presidential Hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris Target Of 'Birther Conspiracy'

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) - Another birther conspiracy like the one against former President Barack Obama is brewing, but this time Senator Kamala Harris is the target.

During the debates on Thursday, Donald Trump Junior shared a tweet that suggests Ms. Harris is not an "American black" because she is half Indian and half Jamaican.

Trump Junior responded to the tweet, asking, "Is this true? Wow."

The tweet has since been deleted but it's already gained a lot of attention.

Harris's campaign has compared the comment to President Trump's birther conspiracy that targeted President Obama.

Now, other Democratic contenders are weighing in.

Joe Biden tweeted, "The same forces of hatred rooted in 'birtherism' that questioned Barack Obama's American citizenship, and even his racial identity, are now being used against Senator Kamala Harris. Racism has no place in America."

Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren tweeted, "The attacks against Kamala Harris are racist and ugly. It's within the power and obligation of tech companies to stop these vile lies dead in their tracks."

Meantime, Sen. Harris drew a large crowd Saturday in San Francisco.

The event at Manna's in the Mission District was billed as both a fundraiser and a celebration of Pride weekend. The lines to get in snaked out the door and up the sidewalk.

Some said they were even more motivated to show up after seeing the Democratic debate.

"After seeing her performance, especially at the debate, the way that she brought up her own emotional experience with race issues, especially in her debate with Joe Biden," said Anish Mohonty of Union City. "I was very impressed and also saw that, first of all, she is not running to be Vice-President, she's running to be President."

Tickets for the event ranged from $100 to $2,800.

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