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Deer accident leaves 10-year-old with fractured skull in Northern California

Young girl recovering after suffering serious injuries in Placerville deer incident
Young girl recovering after suffering serious injuries in Placerville deer incident 01:51

PLACERVILLE — A 10-year-old California girl is recovering after an accident with a deer left her with serious injuries.

Michelle Rangel is the grandmother to Mila Armstrong, who was involved in a terrifying deer accident on April 29.

"I guess one of the kids was teasing with it and kicked it," Rangel said. "So when the deer got kicked, it bolted."

When it bolted, Rangel said it beelined straight to Mila and one of her friends.

"Mila, because she's 50 pounds, went up in the air and landed," Rangel said.

Rangel said Mila suffered a fractured skull and inner ear issues in addition to being kicked in her eye.

She said there is also what is believed to be a bite mark on her hand, leading to multiple rabies shots.

"Every step of the way, the nurses, the doctors were like, 'A deer did this? A deer did this?' " Rangel said.

Rangel described it as being at the wrong place and the wrong time, but it still serves as a good reminder that any wildlife can be dangerous.

"They're still beautiful to see, from a distance," Rangel said.

Eric Bonniksen, the superintendent of the Placerville Union School District, gave CBS13 the following statement:

"It was very unfortunate that this incident happened and we're saddened that any student got hurt.  We are grateful that the girls are doing well. We have put in place a new procedure that every morning, we are walking the grounds and checking for any wild animals. If found, they will be ushered off the school grounds. If for some reason we are not able to remove them from the premises, students will be directed indoors when they arrive."

Rangel said Mila has gone back to school but still suffers from headaches and PTSD. She said, as far as she knows, the other child involved is doing OK as well.

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