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Decommissioned Fremont Firehouse Up For Sale For $1

FREMONT (KPIX 5) -- They say a dollar doesn't buy much anymore, but in the East Bay city of Fremont, you can buy a vacant firehouse for only a buck.

That's the deal in Fremont's Centerville neighborhood, where a vacant two-story firehouse is up for sale
at a price even a kid could afford.

However, there is a catch.

"The catch is that they have to move to building to another location, which costs money," said Sanjeev Acharya, President and CEO of SiliconSage Builders.

The 1950's concrete-block building is considered historical. It would cost between $250,000 to $500,000 to move it even just a few blocks, according to estimates.

"It may be a difficult task, but it's a doable task," Acharya said.

The firehouse sits on a rundown block that is going to be redeveloped by SiliconSage Builders.

"That was very important for the community. They want this place beatified," said Harbir Bhatia, also with SiliconSage Builders.

Development plans call for 93 town homes, street level retail, cafes and historical exhibits. But as part of the deal with the city, the builders had to give preservation a fighting chance.

They're looking for someone to move the building within the next 60 days or it will be demolished. The dollar price tag is the enticement.

"I think it's great if they can save it. They would have to move it, with the redevelopment, all of this will come down," said neighbor Jerry Sasaki.

The firehouse, once known as Fire Station 6, was decommissioned by Fremont in 2008. Over the last few years, homeless people have moved in and the upstairs living areas are filthy.

Despite the expansive square footage and the fact that the kitchen is still intact, it is not a deal for everyone.

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