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Daly City council member reports alleged assault by colleague at city hall

DALY CITY -- A visibly upset Daly City council member tearfully told her colleagues on Monday that her fellow Council member had allegedly assaulted her.

Daly City Council members Juslyn C. Manalo and Pamela DiGiovanni
Daly City Council members Juslyn C. Manalo and Pamela DiGiovanni.

Juslyn Manalo claims that Pam DiGiovanni assaulted her in City Hall after she allegedly slammed a door into her back. 

"I am distraught," said Manalo, choking back tears. "I am still very much traumatized by this." 

Manalo asked for some items on the council agenda to be continued as a result. 

Mayor Ray Buenaventura had invited her to speak after saying he had concerns about carrying on with the meeting after learning that two members of the body were in conflict.

During Monday's meeting, DiGiovanni "vehemently" denied that the assault occurred and said the whole thing was "politically motivated."

DiGiovanni is running for re-election in November. 

"As much as I've been bullied over these past few months... I would never do such a thing," DiGiovanni said.

On Wednesday, the Daly City Police Department released a statement confirming that they had been called to the City Manager's office on Monday on the report of an alleged assault between Manalo and DiGiovanni. Police say it is an active investigation and the alleged incident was documented after speaking with both council members.

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