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Daily Madden: Wainwright's Comment Spoils The Moment

(KCBS) - Retiring Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter was honored at the All-Star game Tuesday night, and he punctuated the moment by hitting a double and single in his two at bats.

"They did it right for Derek Jeter and he deserved that because he earned it over a 20 year period," John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. "Like they were saying, he's not only the captain of the Yankees, he's also the captain of baseball."

The pitcher who gave up the double, Adam Wainwright, who had applauded Jeter as he stepped into batter's box, said afterward he had grooved the pitch to Jeter.

"That kind of took a little away (from the moment)," Madden said. "Doggone it, we don't have to do that, you know, you didn't need that. Then they came back a little later and interviewed him and he called himself an idiot. So I don't know if you can call a guy an idiot that's already called himself an idiot."

It reminded Madden of the tirade by Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman after the Seahawks beat the 49ers in the exciting NFC Championship game last season.

"Why do you have to do that? Why do you have to take away the moment?" (7:50)

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