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Credit card skimmer camera found at bank ATM in Morgan Hill

MORGAN HILL -- Police in Morgan Hill are looking for the person or persons responsible for attaching a small camera to a bank ATM that was discovered directly above the ATM keypad.

On Thursday, police released information about a credit card skimmer located at Bank of America, 200 Cochrane Plaza, last week. On Aug. 10, an officer was dispatched to the bank branch to investigate a report of a credit card skimmer found by an ATM technician.

ATM Skimmer Camera
A small camera was discovered embedded in a piece of rubber stripping affixed directly above an ATM keypad in Morgan Hill. Morgan Hill Police Dept

During the inspection, the ATM technician removed the ATM's circuit board and conducted a closer look of the machine. During the inspection, the technician located the small camera, embedded in a piece of rubber stripping affixed directly above the ATM keypad.

The Morgan Hill Police Department has investigated numerous similar cases this year. So far, no suspects have been identified.

Police advise everyone to be proactive when using an ATM or purchasing gasoline by checking for alignment issues between a card reader and the panel beneath it before sliding credit and debit cards. A police spokesperson said skimmers are often placed on top of the reader, which causes it to stick out at an angle or cover arrows in a panel.

The investigation into the Aug. 10 incident is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to contact Morgan Hill police Det. Tony Reis at (669) 253-4995 or at

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