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Coyote Captured In Stunning Photo Taken At Golden Gate Bridge Overlook

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- A Bay Area man Thursday morning took a remarkable photo of a coyote not in its natural habitat: standing on the stone wall at the Golden Gate Bridge turnout with the span in the background.

Coyote in front of GG Bridge
Coyote in front of Golden Gate Bridge (credit: Jeff Cooperman)

San Anselmo resident Jeff Cooperman told KPIX 5 reporter Joe Vazquez via email that he pulled his car into the overlook by the bridge after swimming at Aquatic Park Friday morning when he saw what he initially thought was a dog standing on the overlook's stone wall.

Cooperman had his camera and, like a number of people at the overlook taking pictures, decided to take a photo. As he approached the animal, he realized something else.

"I noticed it was pretty skinny for a dog. It was clearly a coyote," wrote Cooperman. "It seemed pretty calm and stood there for a while while people snapped photos."

Cooperman -- who works in San Francisco for Top Golf as an animator --  didn't have a telephoto lens, so he just kept shooting as he inched closer to the coyote.

"Much closer than I would have preferred," said Cooperman in his email. "He eventually jumped down and walked through the parking lot, totally comfortable around the people around him."

The coyote quickly disappeared, but not before Cooperman had taken his photo to capture the moment for posterity.

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