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COVID: Santa Clara County Revises Quarantine Guidance To 10 Days For Close Contacts, Travel

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – Health officials in Santa Clara County announced Monday that it has revised its COVID-19 quarantine recommendations, amid new guidance set out by state public health officials.

The revised guidance now recommends 10 days of quarantine for those who are close contacts of persons with COVID-19 and those subject to the travel quarantine, down from 14 days. Officials stressed that while the time in quarantine has been shortened, people should monitor for potential symptoms for a full two weeks.

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"We are in a critical phase of our response to the pandemic and, especially as cases continue to increase rapidly increase across our region, we need everyone to closely follow public health guidelines to slow the spread of the virus," said assistant health officer Dr. Sarah Rudman.

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Health officials urge that those who are asymptomatic close contacts of COVID-19 cases should test six days of later from the last exposure. Close contacts tested earlier than six days should undergo a second test towards the end of the 10-day period.

Following the Thanksgiving holiday, Santa Clara County health officials urged those who have traveled from more than 150 miles away to quarantine.

The new guidance comes on the heels of the same day the first Californians were vaccinated against the coronavirus. County health officials said they expect to receive the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine later this week, with the early allotment for those in high priority categories, including health workers and residents of long-term care facilities.

Officials urge people to continue to follow health measures, including avoiding gatherings and wearing masks until vaccines are widely available.

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