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COVID Reopening: Risk Of Setting Off Another Surge Has Business Owners, Nurses Concerned

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) - With the stay-at-home order rescinded, some are wondering if it is too soon and whether a slide back into rising COVID-19 case counts and hospitalizations is inevitable.

"It's a calculated, I'm not sure if 'gamble' is the right word, but there is an element of uncertainty," said Dr. Art Reingold of UC Berkeley, "At the moment, things are in reasonable shape, in terms of ICU bed capacity and the like."

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Counties will return to color-coded tiers, most in purple and all in the Bay Area. Outdoor dining has already begun in some counties, as well as haircuts.

Arthur Sebastian, owner of Arthur Sebastian Salon in Cow Hollow spoke to KPIX in May. Then, he was showing off plexiglass dividers and social distancing measures.

Sebastian, like everyone else had to shut down once again in the Fall. He's now booking appointments for Thursday.

"We're not very happy about what's happening in terms of the COVID numbers and people not being well because of this terrible thing that has happened, but it's not negating the fact that we are losing the income that is necessary for us to live," he said via Zoom.

The California Nurses Association released a lengthy statement on Monday opposing re-opening, saying it puts healthcare providers and patients at risk.

Dr. Reingold says the move to re-open could have consequences that we've seen before.

"There's always a chance when you loosen things up you will promote transmission of the virus."

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