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COVID: Getting Vaccinated An Emotional Moment For Many Who Long To Get Back To Their Lives

SAN JOSE (KPIX) -- Many people view getting vaccinated as the key to ending the pandemic and eventually returning to some sense of normalcy in their lives and after a year in lockdown, for many, the experience of finally receiving their shot can be an emotional one.

"A lot of my family members have heart conditions like me. So, I wanted to get the vaccine," Selena Evans said.

Evans suffers from a heart condition and recently became eligible for the vaccine.

"I want to be around my family again. I haven't seen them in months," she said.

At Santa Clara County's Berger Avenue vaccination site, there was a mix of excitement and nerves and joy as people received their shots.

"I'm also looking forward to going out. We've been stuck at home for a year. Just us and the kids. It's not good," says Elisa Villicana who works at a grocery store.

Villicana brought her grandchildren with her to the vaccination clinic.

Most had a short list of things they want to do once they've been immunized.

"I want to go to the gym because I work out a lot. So, that's really important to me. Even though gyms are open in my area I wasn't going until I was fully vaccinated," says Nasheed Siddiqui.

Nasheed works at a restaurant and says he's had to be exceptionally diligent to protect himself and his family during the pandemic.

At the vaccination clinic, people said each shot in the arm brings us a bit closer to hopefully the end of the pandemic.

"I'd like to go back to Hawaii because I have a vacation home in the Hawaii. I'm eager to go back to Hawaii," said a woman who spoke briefly, as she exited the clinic.

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