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Stay Home Order Inspires Nutty New Hobby For NorCal Man-Squirrel Picnic Tables!

ROCKLIN (KPIX) - The stay-at-home order has inspired a nutty new hobby for Juan Najera. Using scrap wood from home projects, he's making backyard picnic tables for squirrels.

Just weeks ago, Najera was running his refrigeration business, in Rocklin. He never thought they would take off the way they have, but Najera's squirrel picnic tables are in huge demand.

"I've handed out 75 of them. I have 43 on a waiting list as of this morning," he says. "You set it outside, you can put a little treat. Squirrels come up, birds come up."

So, while we're all being told stay home and stay apart, Najera is helping to bring his neighbors and their backyard visitors together.

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