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San Mateo County Delivers Much-Needed Moderna Vaccine to Hard-Hit Community

EAST PALO ALTO (KPIX) -- Ravenswood Family Health Center in East Palo Alto had been waiting to open a vaccination clinic for its patients but, when the county finally delivered a supply of Moderna doses, Ravenswood decided they had no choice but to invite anyone in the community who was eligible.

"We have patients that receive Medi-Cal, some have no insurance or are underinsured. We also have people who are undocumented and have no other access to care," said Natalie Hodgen, with Ravenswood Health Center. "We would be OK running out. That would mean we were able to vaccinate over 1,100 people today," she added.

The line moved fast on Saturday, getting a vaccine clinic into this community was another story.

"We know where Covid has had the biggest effect. We know which community it is affecting the most and we have to get the vaccine to those communities," said California state senator Josh Becker (D-San Mateo).

It all made for a celebratory atmosphere Saturday. You could tell people were relieved -- even excited -- to get their shot and take a big step toward ending the pandemic.

"I am excited. I've got my first one, I can't wait for my second one!" Otolose Fonua exclaimed.

This clinic was put together in just the past several days. They are hoping to be able to repeat once a week moving forward or expand depending on the availability of vaccine.

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