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Coronavirus Update: 14 Deaths Reported At Central California Nursing Home

TURLOCK, Stanislaus County (CBS SF) - More than a dozen people have now died of COVID-19 at a skilled nursing facility in Stanislaus County, in one of the deadliest outbreaks at an elder care home in Northern California.

Officials at the Turlock Nursing and Rehabilitation Center reported three deaths at the facility on Tuesday, bringing the total to fourteen people at the facility who have now died from the coronavirus

Some 149 patients and staff member have tested positive for COVID-19, according to Covenant Care, the company that owns the center.


In a statement, Covenant Care said a separate wings been set up to keep patients who test negative or positive for COVID-19 apart, and they are performing rigorous testing.

"We also want to offer our deepest gratitude to our community partners who have provided supplies, conducted testing and collaborated with our facility and staff to provide the very best care and treatment for our residents."

In Stanislaus County as of Tuesday afternoon, there have been 517 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 22 deaths associated with the virus, according to the county Health Services Agency.

Nearly half of all deaths from COVID-19 in California have been linked to elder care facilities, according to health officials.

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