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ConsumerWatch: Scanning Software Making Tech Savvy Resumes A Necessity

(CBS 5) - Job seekers hoping to land a job are finding their often get no response, The silent treatment may be due to a new set of filters that weed out resumes based on keywords.

Job seeker Mary Hurt said she sent out her resume numerous times only to never hear from a company. Almost 90 percent of top companies are using a resume tracking systems to scan for keywords. According to career counselor Eileen Williams, there are a few ways job applicants can make it through the scanning machine.

First step - Williams said toss out creativity and give employers what they're looking for. For instance, Williams recommends using specific keywords. Take a job posting that requires 8 to 10 years of experience. Williams said put 10 plus years of experience, since the employer has requested it in the ad, and the scan may be looking for that number.

Step number two - flip your resume upside down. Instead of starting with experience, put a bullet point list of skills at the top. Specifically, list the ones mentioned in the ad in the order that they're mentioned.

"In the posting they put their skills that they want in a certain order, you want to follow that order," said Williams.

And finally, Williams said to make sure you surround your resume with plenty of white space. And if you're worried about gaps between jobs, group them together in 2 or 5 year spans. For tips on how to improve you resume visit East Bay Works.

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