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ConsumerWatch: Local Airport Luggage Scales Get High Marks For Accuracy

OAKLAND (CBS 5) - Airline passengers have no shortage of things to complain about, but the accuracy of the luggage scales at the three bay area airports isn't one of them, according to the county officials responsible for checking those devices.

A recent check of the 336 luggage scales at San Francisco International found about 2% of the machines were inaccurate in the airlines favor. Those units were "red tagged," and taken out of service. Roughly the same percentage of machines were found inaccurate in passengers favor. Those were "blue tagged" and allowed to remain in operation, but are required to be fixed in 30 days.

"For the most part we're finding them to be accurate," San Mateo County Sealer Fred Crowder told ConsumerWatch.

Oakland International had even fewer issues, according to Ron Hassmeyer, Deputy Sealer at the Alameda County Department of Weights and Measures. Hassmeyer said his department's last check of the airports scales in March 2010 found no problems with any of the 50 scales in operation at the airport.

San Jose International got similar high marks, according to Kevin O'Day of the Santa Clara County Department of Weights and Measures. O'Day said all 145 scales in use at the airport passed their last inspection back in July, 2010.

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