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ConsumerWatch: Cellphone Radiation Levels Vary By Make And Network

Early this week The World Health Organization announced cellphones could be linked to cancer and Renee Sharp, with the Environmental Working Group, says potentially harmful radiation could be emitted from certain types of cellphone.

Cellphones that emit low radiation levels include the Samsung Fascinate and Samsung Captivate.

Those with the highest radiation include the Palm Pixy and Blackberry Bold.

But according to Sharp, certain networks can also play a role in radiation levels.

"Phones on the GSM network generally emit more radiation on average than phones on the CDMA network this is not a very well know fact," Sharp said.

Cellphones under AT&T and T-Mobile operate on GSM network. Verizon and Sprint operate on CDMA.

But before changing networks, Sharp says there are many ways consumers could reduce cellphone radiation. For instance consumers could hold the phone away from their head, use a headset or text said Sharp.

Consumers are also advised to read the users manual. State Senator Mark Leno has sponsored a bill that would require cellphone packages to guide consumers to the safety manual.

"Often time this information is buried on page 83 or 84," Leno said.

But currently there are not enough votes to pass the bill, partly because of opposition from The Wireless Association.

The Wireless Association declined to comment on its opposition of the bill.

To find out what cellphones emit the lowest and highest radiation, the Environmental Working Group has posted a database at:

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