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Magnitude 3.8 Earthquake Strikes Near Concord

CONCORD (CBS SF) -- A magnitude 3.8 earthquake struck Contra Costa County Thursday morning, which was felt in much of the East Bay and other parts of the Bay Area.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake struck about 2 miles west of Concord at 11:18 a.m., at a depth of about 4 miles. There were no reports reports of damage or injuries.

Concord 3.8 earthquake
Concord 3.8 earthquake (U.S. Geological Survey)

The quake was felt strongest in the Concord / Pleasant Hill area.

"It was more of like a shove," says Brittany White of Concord. "I was laying in bed, so I felt one push and then a louder push. That was about it."

According to responses on social media, the quake was reportedly felt as far west as San Francisco and Pacifica, as far south as Hayward and as far north as Fairfield.

USGS says this was just at the lower end of what people typically feel.

"Yeah, a lot of people," explained Annemarie Baltay of the USGS. "From San Francisco, down to San Jose, up to Santa Rosa, Lodi, even a little bit further east. So we are not surprised at all by this earthquake. It's pretty typical of what we expect."

While Thursday's earthquake was small, there are ever growing concerns over the odds of a major earthquake, ending a period of relative seismic quiet.

"Usually it is talking about a large event,"  Baltay says. "So we had 1906, a huge earthquake came through. The stress is all released, it's like flushing the water pipes or something. And so, that was a very large event and the seismic shadow from that can last, we don't really know exactly, but a hundred years or so. And so, we think along the San Andreas we're still seeing a little bit of that affect."

Following the quake, BART trains were held briefly and tracks were inspected, which is standard operating procedure following earthquakes.


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