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Con Artists Keep Track Of Victims, Pass Names To Other Scammers In 'Sucker Lists'

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Fall for a scam once and there's a good chance you'll be targeted again.

Con artists keep track of victims and pass their names along to other scammers on what's commonly referred to as a "sucker list."

Sally Greenberg of the National Consumers League says the lists are largely compiled by fraudsters overseas.   "They trade information,"  Greenberg explained.    She says one of the most common tricks is when scammers reach out to someone who has been ripped off, and pretend to offer help.  "The fraudster will call the previous victim and say 'I know you lost $10,000.  For a mere $1,000 we're going to help you get all that money back.'"

Greenberg and other consumer watchdogs say the best advice is to be skeptical of any and every solicitation.   And if you do give money – pay only by credit card, so the fraudulent charges can be reversed.   Be extremely wary of anyone who tries to get you to pay with a Green Dot or any other pre-paid debit card, or wire money.

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