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Report Finds Companies Scouring Instagram Selfies For Market Research

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Your followers aren't the only ones paying attention to the selfies you post on Instagram. New marketing sites are scouring those photos for big-time advertisers.

The Wall Street Journal reported on companies such as Ditto Labs, which uses software to scan photos for brands, such as the drink someone is holding, or the cap of a person's favorite sports team. Marketers could use Ditto's data to send targeted ads or perform market research.

The newspaper reported companies such as Kraft pay Ditto to find their products logos on pictures posted on Instagram and Tumblr, to find patterns in consumer behavior. The company's founder said he hopes consumers will one day "shop" the selfies posted by their friends.

Another company, San Mateo-based Piquora, shows marketers what is trending and stores images on their own servers.

According to Instagram's company website, the photo sharing social network has 200 million monthly active users, sharing on average 60 million photos per day.

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