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Comedian Attacked On Stage At San Francisco Radio Station

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- A comedian was attacked on stage during his performance at a San Francisco radio station.

It wasn't clear why an audience member at Mutiny Radio's July 26 comedy event in the Mission District interrupted the comedian's act.

Surveillance video showed the man rushing on stage to attack the comedian when he said on the mic, "I do know who you are. So stop talking." The man shoved the comedian into the backdrop of the stage before throwing punches.

Others quickly jumped in and pulled the attacker off.

Though assaults like this are rare, professional comics do worry about them happening.

"When we used to be able to get up there and give our point of view, now we have to be watching from every corner," said comedian Ronn Vigh. "What's crazy about this is now, with the way society is, everybody is so easily triggered, and that makes it a lot harder for comedians."

Mutiny Radio posted on Facebook that no one wanted to press charges. A window was broken, though, and they were collecting $500 to try and fix it.

KPIX 5 reached out to Mutiny Radio but have not heard back as of Thursday morning. Professional comedians told us that they have spread the word and the attacker will no longer be welcome at open mic nights.

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