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Coast Guard Increases Bay Patrols In Wake Of Brussels Attacks

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Since the Brussels terrorist attacks, United States Coast Guard is increasing patrols in the San Francisco Bay.

Lt. Leigh Van Lear told KCBS that boaters and ferry commuters should see an increase in maritime security.

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"In response to the recent terrorist attacks, the U.S. Coast Guard has increased the frequency in patrols and ferry escorts in the bay. Safety is our utmost importance, always for the Coast Guard," Van Lear said.

The Coast Guard is also urging boaters to immediately report any suspicious activity, or suspicious objects, they see in the bay or ocean.

CBS News reported the death toll from last week's attack at the main airport and train station in the Belgian capital has risen to 35 people on Monday. Police continue to look for two suspects in the attacks.

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