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Download: San Francisco Boys Chorus Gives Bay Area A Special Christmas Gift

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- It was a time for historic Bay Area firsts back in December of 1948.

Not only did KPIX 5 go on the air for the first time, but the San Francisco Boys Chorus -- who would sing for world leaders and audiences across the world over the next 70 years -- was formed.

To mark the birthdays, the pair came together to create a video honoring both.

"It just gives you chills," said composer Stephen Arnold of the results.

"It's a joy for us to sing it", said the artistic director Ian Robertson

"I think it sounds really. really good." said 13-year-old Jack Stanley, who belongs to the chorus.

The recording came to birth on the huge scoring stage at a prestigious recording studio -- Skywalker Sound which is located in Marin County.

"It's pretty cool.. I mean it's pretty big and roomy," said 13-year-old choral member Zachary Zele.

70th Anniversary Video SFBC KPIX by San Francisco Boys Chorus on YouTube

The recording session took place one early morning, in mid-November.

The Chorus, all dressed in their red sweatshirts, filed into the cavernous room, lined up, and then warmed up their vocal cords. They already sounded like angels.

"It's just a joy to have the young kids have such an experience," remarked Robertson.

In the control room, behind glass, Arnold, a Dallas-based composer, sat and went over directions with Skywalker Sound's recording engineer Dann Thompson.

"It all centered around 1 basic melodic riff," said Arnold.

"It's a really nice song it's got a great holiday feel." observed Thompson.

During the recording session,  the boys heard a musical track, and sang to it. The song was recorded in layers, sections, and parts. Each "take" was refined until perfect

In just a few hours, it was done.

The veteran sound engineer was impressed.

"They were amazing. They're so attentive. They take direction," observed Thompson.

As a gift from us, you can download this song for free. The song's official title: KPIX & the San Francisco Boys Chorus Celebrate 70 Years


San Francisco Boys Chorus website

Skywalker Sound website

Stephen Arnold website

The free download link to our :60 track is here.

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