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Christian Man Pretends To Be Gay For A Year, Writes A Book About Experience

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) - An evangelical Christian from Tennessee has sparked controversy with a new book about his experience pretending to be a gay man for a year.

Timothy Kurek, from Nashville pretended to be gay for a year, according to an article on

Kurek was home schooled, and was raised going to a Christian Cub Scout troop, which taught him to be "wary of gays" according to the article.

After discovering an LGBT equal rights group in 2004, and struggling with his own friend's coming out, he decided to be fake 'fake gay' in 2009.

Kurek enlisted a a friend to be his fake boyfriend, and found a job as a barista at a café.

After a year pretending to be gay, Kurek 'came out' as straight on National Coming Out Day.

Kurek eventually wrote a book about the experience, "The Cross in the Closet".

Some members of the LGBT community were angered by Kurek's actions.

"I feel for the gay community of Nashville…and for every person who trusted Kurek enough to flirt with him," Amy Lieberman reacted on

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