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CHP Releases Aerial Video Of Wild, Wrong-Way Chase Across Carquinez Bridge

VALLEJO (CBS SF) -- The California Highway Patrol released aerial video Monday of a wild pursuit of a driver who raced across the Carquinez Bridge going the wrong-way, dodging on-coming vehicles at speeds of up to 100 mph and eventually sped down a railroad track in Vallejo in an attempt to elude capture.

The incident began at 10 p.m. Friday when authorities began pursuing two suspects westbound on Highway 80. As seen on the video, as the suspects approached the Carquinez Bridge toll plaza, the vehicle turned into a crossover lane and then proceeded through the toll plaza going the wrong way.

The pursuing officers did not follow but continued to track the suspect through the air and on a parallel freeway lane. The dramatic air video shows the suspects traveling at speeds up to 100 mph, dodging around unsuspecting motorists coming head on in the right direction.

The suspects eventually stopped on an elevated portion of the freeway, made an 180-degree turn and continued in the right direction, crossing back over the bridge where an awaiting CHP officer joined in the high-speed pursuit.

The suspects -- traveling at speeds in the upwards of 90 mph -- then took the I-780 off-ramp and again entered the freeway going the wrong direction. Again, the driver pulled a 180-degree turn and headed westbound in the right direction.

Eventually, the driver ended up of going the wrong way on Marine World Parkway into Vallejo where local police joined the pursuit. At Tuolumne and Almond, the suspect left the roadway and began racing down the railroad tracks where the car became disabled and the two suspects fled on foot.

The driver was eventually taken into custody trying to hide in a backyard in the 100 block of Seaview Court at 10:42 p.m. It was not immediately known if the second suspect was apprehended.

The CHP has turned the investigation over to the Vallejo Police. It was not immediately known on what charges Vallejo police were detaining the driver.

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