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Child Neglect, Torture Case Leads To Discovery Of 2 Kids' Bodies In Redding Storage Unit; 2 Arrested

REDDING, Shasta County (CBS SF) -- The investigation into a child torture case has led to the discovery of two children's bodies inside a Redding storage unit, police said.

Sheriff's deputies in Plumas County investigating a child abuse and neglect case in the town of Quincy found a girl suffering from severe abuse and torture, according to Redding Police Lt. Pete Brindley.

Quincy-based Plumas News reported the injured and starved 9-year-old girl was found in a locked vehicle on East Main and First streets last Friday evening. Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood told Plumas News she was suffering from broken bones and fingers, a dislocated jaw, and missing teeth along with open sores and lice infestation. She weighed only 40 pounds.

"This has shaken my staff to the core," Hagwood told Plumas News. "That little girl had been subjected to the most unspeakable measure of torture for an extended period of time. This is child abuse, the likes of which we haven't experienced here (in Plumas County)."

The girl's guardian, 39-year-old Tami Joy Huntsman, and her 17-year-old boyfriend, Gonzalo Curiel, were arrested on counts of felony child abuse, torture and mayhem.

Two other children, 12-year-old male and female twins, were found at the home Huntsman and Curiel were staying in Quincy and placed into foster care, Plumas News reported. Huntsman is the mother of the twins and the 9-year-old girl's aunt, the report said.

In the course of the investigation, authorities received reports from a Huntsman family member in Salinas of two other children unaccounted for. It was unclear what the other children's relationship is with Huntsman.

Plumas News reported Huntsman was not cooperative with police regarding the other children. After questioning Curiel, he reportedly indicated the existence of a storage shed rented by Huntsman. Police broke open shed on Sunday evening and found the bodies of two younger children. The bodies were stuffed into plastic tote containers, according to Plumas News.

The case was being investigated as a homicide and an autopsy of the children was pending, police said.  Huntsman and Curiel had not yet been charged in the homicide of the children found in the shed, but were expected to face murder charges in Shasta County.

Meanwhile, Salinas Police were assisting Redding homicide investigators as Curiel and Huntsman were recent residents of Salinas before moving to Plumas County.

Curiel was being charged as an adult in Plumas County on the child abuse and torture case.


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