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Chevron Invests In STEM Education

SAN RAMON -- The innovators of the future are in America's schools today.

Chevron is committed to inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists. We do this by supporting STEM education through
programs and strategic partnerships.

Our commitment shows at every stage of schooling – from the first day of kindergarten through high school graduation and beyond.
It happens one student at a time.

Through Project Lead the Way, Amy is learning STEM concepts in a hands-on environment aligned with national standards for her age

In one Launch module, Amy explores the development and influence of robotics. She learns about mechanical and computer control
systems and uses her newfound knowledge to design real-world objects.

Amy is one of more 130,000 students who have participated in over 228 Chevron-supported Project Lead the Way programs

Innovation requires resources, but financial resources are limited in classrooms today.

On average, teachers spend about $500 of their own money on classroom supplies each year.

Through the Fuel Your School program, Chevron helps K–12 teachers in public schools across the U.S. get the supplies they need.

Since its inception, Fuel Your School has provided resources to more than 5,000 schools in collaboration with

Many of these resources provide hands-on learning experiences in STEM fields.

Access to resources for hands-on learning makes a world of difference for young explorers – like 7th grader John. He's a football fan.

He's also a science fan.

The Chevron STEM Zone's interactive events and online resources show that STEM is everywhere – and you don't have to look like
this to be crazy about STEM.

The STEM Zone uses sports to demonstrate scientific principles. More than 500,000 participants have connected football to physics
and golf to gravity in the STEM Zone. When John learns Newton's laws by watching them in action on a football, the concepts become
as easy to grasp as a perfect spiral pass.

Emerging innovators don't have to wait for a Chevron STEM Zone event to explore.

In communities across the country, young people are taking advantage of Chevron's support for the Fab Foundation and Fabrication
Labs, or "Fab Labs." The Fab Labs provide students with access to tools and technology for innovation and invention.

The equipment in these spaces – computer-controlled laser cutters, precision milling machines, and 3-D printers – are available for
educational programs or independent use.

With Fab Labs, students are encouraged to "Dream it, design it, and make it."

Maria is entering a high school science competition. She's waiting to hear back from the colleges she's applied to, several of which offer
Chevron-sponsored scholarships through the University Partnerships and Association Relations program, which supports more than
130 colleges, universities and associations throughout the U.S. and the world.

Judging by the numbers, her future is bright. The job market for STEM careers in the U.S. is growing at nearly twice the pace of other

Chevron is proud to support America's students at all stages of their education. We can't wait to see what these innovators come up
with next.

Learn more about Chevron's commitment to STEM"

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