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High-End Merchandise Damaged After Water Main Break Floods San Francisco's Most Expensive Stores

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Some of the most high-end stores in San Francisco were not flooded with shoppers Saturday. They were flooded with water.

That's because work on the Central Subway Tunnel sent water pouring into several of the most expensive stores on Geary Street, in Union Square, for hours.

Neiman Marcus, Bvlgari, Chanel -- the floodwater did not discriminate. Fire officials said stores had several feet of water in their basement stockrooms where goods are stored.

More than a few shoppers are hoping the soggy mess will translate into a flood sale on some of the most expensive merchandise in town.

The leak was capped around noon but the damage was already done. Firefighters were out there all day mopping up the mess.

"You have several businesses and they all have a lot of standing water in their basement," said Battalion Chief Brook Baker. "They all have storerooms with expensive merchandise."

The flooding started after overnight when digging crews punctured an 8" water pipe on the way down, sending up 1000s of gallons of water. It drowned some of The City's highest priced real estate in the process, not to mention some pretty expensive purses.

The leak lasted six hours forcing several stores to close down due to so much standing water. There were serious concerns about electrocution.

The soggy mess definitely dampened sales on a big shopping Saturday. It could be even longer.

"We have crews working on salvaging merchandise, the best we can," said Baker.

No word yet, as to whether there will be a sale on damaged merchandise soon.

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