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Cellphone Video Captures Brawl In Stands At 49ers-Dolphins Game

MIAMI (CBS SF) -- A cellphone video clip posted by a football fan captured some serious unsportsmanlike conduct during Sunday's 49ers game against the Miami Dolphins.

A cellphone camera was rolling the minute the taunting between two Dolphins and two Niners fans transformed into an all-out brawl Sunday afternoon.

YouTube user Jack Snyder posted the clip, saying fight broke out in Section 334 at Hard Rock Stadium.

Fan Fight Miami Dolphins vs San Francisco 49ers November 2016 by Jack Snyder on YouTube

Witnesses said it started when the man in the Dolphins jersey started yelling derogatory remarks about Colin Kaepernick. Words are exchanged before the Dolphins fan takes a swing at one of the 49ers fans.

Other fans tried to stop the melee, but ended up getting caught in the middle.

The clip goes on for just under a minute and 45 seconds before the fight appears wind down. Stadium security does not seem to get involved from what is shown in the video.

Dolphins team officials are now looking into the incident.

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