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CBS 5 Poll: Oakland Mayor Sees Approval Drop After Police Chief Quits

OAKLAND (CBS 5) -- Just one day after Police Chief Anthony Batts' resignation, 69 percent of Oaklanders surveyed in a KPIX-TV CBS 5 poll said they had little or no confidence in Mayor Jean Quan's ability to reduce the city's crime problem.

The CBS 5 poll, conducted by the firm SurveyUSA, also found that her approval rating has plummeted. In the last CBS 5 poll six months ago, she had a 57 percent approval rating. Currently, that approval rating is just 28 percent and her disapproval rating is 53 percent.

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The latest poll results suggest Quan has lost much of the broad support she once enjoyed -- with a minus-25 net approval, and a 58-point swing over the past six months.

Batts' resignation came during the same week that the city of Oakland and Mayor Quan were set to host a summit on crime prevention.

"Mayor Jean Quan had hoped to use it as a way to lay out her plan that she has been working on for the last couple of months. And now it's going to be completely overshadowed by the exit of Chief Batts," CBS 5, KCBS and San Francisco Chronicle insider Phil Matier said.

"This (the resignation) is a statement on her, a statement on the city and he made it clear that Oakland does not seem to have a plan or a consensus about what to do," Matier observed.

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