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Caught On Camera: San Francisco Muni Bus Runs Red Light, Nearly Misses Oncoming Car

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- A San Francisco Muni bus zooming through a red light narrowly avoided a head-on crash when an oncoming car slammed on the brakes in an incident captured on another car's 'dashcam' video camera.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user 'boris4ka' and shows the near-miss along 19th Ave. at Crossover Drive in Golden Gate Park.

Muni bus runs red light almost causing accident in San Francisco by boris4ka on YouTube

According to the caption on YouTube, it happened on January 20 when the bus driver drove through "a solid red light that was red for a few seconds already."

The video clearly shows an oncoming car with a green light hitting the brakes to avoid the bus which was turning left.

SF Weekly said it contacted SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose for comment, and reported he emailed back a statement: "Safety is our top priority and we take incidents like these very seriously. We will use this footage to get more details about what took place and follow-up with those involved."


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